How to create price field for property listing

If we use normal property_result field=”Price” to display price in listing then it will show prices for sale untill unless you put filter in main property_result tag to display rent. In listing we want to display prices that work with in all 3 condition [sale | rent | holiday rent] without using any filter. So to display price we use following shortcode;

[property_result_price format="€%s"]


format %s is used to display ajax content of property and our custom text. Like we explain earlier here.

here we use euro symbol as an example for currency

What else we can insert in this field

You can change the formatting with the following attributes which are displayed with their default values:

  • decimal=”.”
  • thousands=”,”
  • precision=0 : represents the number of decimal places to show
  • separator=” – “ : only used for rentals when there are two prices available


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