How to change location drop down into 2 or more sub locations

Plugin need to be activate for this: ResalesOnline MultiLevel Location Field

if you want to convert normal location drop down into location and then it’s sublocation or you can say 2 step location fields then you have to do following changes in existence location shortcode

Old shortcode: [ps_field field="location" ]
New shortcode: [ps_multilocation levels=2 ]
2 will divide it into 2 sub locations and 3 will divide it into 3 sub locations

What else we can do with this field


Additional valid attributes:

  1. id=”XXX” use a custom id for the generated html elements. Note: since various elements will be created, a numerical suffix will be added to each element: XXX_1, XXX_2, XXX_3, etc.
  2. class=”XXX” add classes.
  3. parent”XXX” enter the slug for some location and only its sublocations will be displayed.


2 sub location look like this

[ps_multilocation levels=2]
3 sub location look like this

[ps_multilocation levels=3]
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