How can we make a title for property detail page

To make a title you need shortcode of bedrooms, type and location.

Following are shortcodes for these 3;

[property_detail field="Bedrooms"]
[property_detail field="Type"]
[property_detail field="Location"]

but what if there is no bedroom or zero bedroom. So we will not show bedroom then, to do that we need bedroom shortcode with following amendments;

[property_detail field="Bedrooms" format="%d Bedroom" skipif="0"]


skipif=”0″ is that which skip whole bedroom shortcode if bedroom is zero or not available.

Combining all to make a final shortcode for heading

[property_detail field="Bedrooms" format="%d Bedroom" skipif="0"] [property_detail field="Type"] in [property_detail field="Location"]

Above mention method can also be used for property listing but there you need to replace property_detail to property_result

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