How to create a advanced search

Plugin need to be activate for this:

  • ResalesOnline Location Checkboxes
  • ResalesOnline Type Checkboxes

To create advanced search form we need to follow same steps that we followed to create search form.

before closing tag of form insert these 2 new fields

What other things we can insert in field tag

In feature shortcode [ps_featurecheckboxes] you can specifically define what feature you want to display if you don't want to display all features. For example you want to show only settings then the shortcode will be written as [ps_featurecheckboxes category="setting" ]

Now how I know that how many categories are available to filter out like we did setting in example above ?

To find out list of categories available to filter out you need to navigate to

Dashboard > Pages > Listing Features

There you find list of all features, copy slug of any feature and paste that in shortcode instead of setting.

The checkbox locations plugin collapses the locations by default. To avoid this, add the “nocollapse” parameter to the shorcode. For example:

[ps_locationcheckboxes nocollapse ]

Now combining everything mention above to generate adv search



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